Meshwork @ Specification 1.0

What is Meshwork?

Meshwork is an open-source digital storage software that supports storage in any type of data transferrable through the network. Thus it is designed to be a hosted data service.

This service is planned to be RESTful, thus will be running upon http protocol. HTTP headers like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE will be used in manipulating data inside.

How about security?

For a data service accessible to public, Meshwork concerns about security not less than other public services. Authentication and Authorization is a serious topic dedicated enough for us to do it separately.

Like all of our open-source projects, Meshwork shares the same authentication model developed from our project BigGate.

How data stores in Meshwork?

Each object has it's own identity, which will be called an Entity in the system. This framework is emphasized on data interlinking relationships among Entities, linked Entities can be referenced each other.

What is Entity?

Basically, an Entity is an identifier. Data related to this Entity can be referenced through Tagging, each Tag carries one type of data. An Entity is then defined by all it's Tags.

Was thinkin' 'bout this name before, though Meshwork seems more appropiate to this framework.


So the name SUFFIX will be reserved for future projects.